Ngatifarirei kutaura nyaya dzesviro ko asingade pakati ndiani, kwete zvenyu zvekusweronyepedzera kuita ma Saints!! PAMBERI NE KWIRO

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Sister Part 3

Two down two to go and then the whole saga begins in a circle that I regret up to this day. Munin'ina wemukadzi haakwirwe, nekuti paino putika nyaya yacho ino putika big time.

The twins were 20 when I screwed them. When I first met them they were only kids, about 16 or so but the other two were only 14 and 12 and now they were 18 and 16 respectively. Pachikuru twanga twatoibva kare. It was the 18 year old that I had always had my eyes on. Vamwe vese ndanga ndisina kana basa navo saka dzakangowira wo mutswanda. This girl, since she was sixteen or even younger had that sexy, natural attractiveness. She walked like a seasoned model and she always wanted top life. I guess too much TV because her parents were not rich but just middle class low density area people. But this girl, even the way she talked, the way she despised her own family, the way she wished to go to England or USA and never come back. She always put herself in the same class and top female musicians and she always wanted to hang out with people from high society. Her own sisters hated her. Mafambiro ake was good enough kuti uzvitundire.

We had just finished extending our house in Greendale when my wife gave birth. I had also just received a new company car in addition to my own car and my wife's car. Zvinhu zvanga zvirikufamba. Masatelite dish anga achangopinda mufashion so we adorned the newly extended house with a DSTV satelite dish. It was time to celebrate a lot of things: the arrival of the baby, the satelite dish, the promotion at work, my newly opened bottle store/restaurant and butchery and a newly extended house. We decided to have a joint party to celebrate all these things at once.

Madoro takatuta, mawine tikaunganidza, chikafu nenyama yekugocha chachacha, but ini I dont drink. Coincidentally,my 18 year old mainini had just passed her "A" levels and that could be celebrated too. (More about the party in part 4)
She was very happy but most importanly, she had fallen in love with our new life style and our DSTV. Pamba pedu anga asingachabvi. Every weekend, every week day she would come to our house to watch movies, music and when she discovered I hid some porno videos in the bedroom, that too.

One day ndiri kutopfuurawo zvangu nekumba ndokusvika wanikei munhu akatoigarira porno ari ega ega. Ndichipinda paya ndokuda kutraya kudzima but it was too late, I had already seen what she was watching and I encouraged her to watch it and ignore me. But she couldn’t. She said she was sorry she had gone in to our bedroom and begged me not to tell my wife. I told her not to worry, we can actually watch together but she couldn’t trust me. She thought I would tell my wife. I tried to reassure her that it was fine so I put it back on myself. We were safe. My dumb twin had gone to town and we did not need musikana webasa and I knew at least for the next 2 or 3 hours there would be no one at home.

I poured a glass of wine and gave to mainini who pretended to refuse. She is forgetting that at the party she had got so drunk that we had to carry her indoors after some guys had dragged her behind the house to try to abuse her. If we hadn’t found out quickly enough it would have been a disaster. I might have taken advantage of her that night but I like to do it live and conscious so that tomorrow I don’t get accused of taking advantage.

She sipped the wine, slowly. It was a Friday, I was in no hurry to go back to the office. In fact I thought I might not even go back.
She continued drinking slowly but now I could see she had relaxed and even though earlier she had pretended not to watch the porno in the background,I could see she was warming up to it now and panting audibly enough. I held her by the shoulders and started massaging lightly. There was no objection whatsoever. In fact, the objection was encouragement. She pulled my hands towards her stiff boobs. I was standing over her as she sat on the sofa. I went over and sat next to her and I gently put her arms around me as I put my lips to hers. My hand was already in her skirt from the buttocks side.

Realising that it was going to happen, I started pulling down her underwear but she kind of resisted, still kissing me. I said a few words to her but she replied by taking a deep sip from her wine. We both stood up, me unbuckling and pulling my trousers down. She didn’t want to make it obvious so she waited for me to do everything. I kneeled down and pulled down her panties. I rubbed my hand upwards her thighs matinji atota kunge masiriri. I put my hands around her bum, squeezing gently, feeling that tender suppleness.

I pushed her backwards and lay her on the sofa. Now you know pasofa hapana much room but it can be created. As she lay on the sofa, eyes closed, and sometimes open but rolling as if one was in pain or about to die, I took one of her legs up on my shoulder. I took the other and both legs were on my shoulders, me looking down on her like a hungry man looks down on a tender medium done tender piece of chicken. I looked down at her pussy, juicy and I stroked it down a little with my fingers upon which she let out a feeble aahahh of pleasure to come. I separated the pussy lips and stroked the pussy with the head of dick. I wanted to enjoy this one.

I had waited for this for 4 years if not more and finally....I laid it in ndokubva atanga kuchemerera. I could see from her face and I could hear from her cries that she could feel me deep in and she was having fun. Can you believe it, she consciously or unsconsciously said that she loved me and I said I loved her too.
We changed the style and she lay on the carpet but it was not adventurous enough so we went to the dining and I made her touch a chair. The shape of her bum, precision drawing chaiyo. She did not have that extra fleshy fat between the legs so you could actually see the pussy as you hit it. Mwana aichemerera iyeye. Pandakatunda iye ndokubva atundawo. We looked at each other, iye akutsvaga bhurugwa rake but I told her not to put it on. I led her to my bedroom and she said no no not on my sister's bed and I said, I am not taking you to the bed. Just come.

I pulled her into the bedroom and into the bathroom. I sat on the edge of the tub and filled it with water. As it was filling up, bubbles rising, I asked her to kiss my dick. She kissed it once but I wanted more so she ended up giving me a blow job before we jumped into the tub. She rode me like she was riding a horse, bubbles flushing on the floor and I wished it could be like this forever.

Then suddenly, I had a scream as she jumped out of the tub/bathroom to wrap herself with a towel. The dumb twin had come into my bedroom/bathroom after hearing the commotion. Tangatabatikidzwa. In the meantime, the younger sister, the 16 year old, the youngest anga auyawo with the dumb twin, bhurugwa rangu, remusikana zvese zviri pa carpet musitting room. Disaster baba. Wait for part 4 to hear how, if I managed to wriggle myself out of this.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sister Part 2

So taking it from where I left it. I never really felt guilty that I had banged my mainini. I just thought oh well, she was my wife too, wasnt she and she kind of believed it too. But things were going to take a new twist. When I banged my sister-in-law the first time, my wife was already 7 months pregnant with our second child. I hadnt had sex for more than 2 months because she started having complications at five months. Now to make things worse or better, my wife's parents decided that this twin: I will call her the dumb twin because she had failed her "O" levels but the other twin who I shall call the Brainy twin was at University studying Law.

Now to make things worse, my wife's parents decided that the dumb twin should come and live with us in order to help her sister and babamukuru and our 3 year old. My wife was now 9 months' pregnant. Baba,it was joy and confusion. I knew this could be a disaster so I objected vehemently but my wife began to wonder so in order not to raise suspicion I gave in. Kunonzi kuisa mbudzi mudanga reshumba. But you have heard enough of this dumb twin even though I will tell you more of her later.

Let me switch to the Brainy twin because she was second in the line of banging sisters. I was now on a mission. I wanted to conquer the entire family. It did my ego proud and I felt big. The second twin was easy because of nzara yekuVarsity and chihure chepa UZ where almost every girl had a sugar daddy or even prostituted to supplement their meager income.

Whenever the Brainy twin came home I made sure that she would take as many groceries as she wanted from the pantry. Her sister, my wife,u sed to complain that I am spoiling her but I always joked that she was being jealous of the younger more beautiful breed. So one day after flirting a little bit at home pachimuramu ,I drove her to university. It was around 8 in the evening. On the way, she asked me if I could buy her some clothes as she had this graduation party she wanted to go to the next weekend. I pretended to refuse but she begged me:" I will do anything for you babamukuru,please". I asked her if she was sure she could do anything for me and she said, well it depends. I said I wanted a kiss. She did not respond. I stopped the car, just as we had entered the Campus and I insisted on the kiss. She didnt answer so I just turned to her, gently pushed her face towards mine and lips to lips led tongue to tongue, hand between the legs, finger in the pussy.

Ndakanzwa mwana zviya ofemeruka femeruka kunge munhu akufenda. Ndakabata zamu rakati ngaa kunge mango mbishi, ndobva ndatanga kunanzva zamu riya, tuma nipples like a suckling baby. Iye ndokubva avhunduka zvikanzi someone is coming...Mahobho. Ndakastarter motokari ndokusvika kuNew Complex 4. Patakapinda mukati, muroom make wanikei tinongova toga. Ndakati handichagari nekuti kumba vaizonyumwa iye ndokuti kohembe dzangu. I said haa thats nothing. Just phone me and we will go shopping but dont tell your sister zvikanzi OK. Chindipawo hug nekiss yekupedzisira and she was ready to give more.

Uku ndichi kissa, uku ndichibata magaro. I took her hand and placed on my trousers so she could feel my dick. I then unzipped and put her hand on my dick. She started rubbing it back and forth and to my surprise I saw her going down slowly, down on her knees. I felt some wet warmth and a feel of gentle bite and I knew it was time for deep throat.Trust me, my dick is not short but she took it in, the whole nine inches, sucking it back and forth. Then she took it out of her mouth and started licking the balls. My wife had never done this to me and to tell you the truth, I was in heaven. She shoved it back in her mouth making sure my trousers fell to the ground. A few seconds later, I couldnt hold it no more so I cummed in her mouth. I expected her to spit it but, hell no.

I prepared to leave, pulling up my trousers but she starred at me with that devil look."Where are you going?" "Home", I said "How fair is that? You come here and get me heated up all for nothing. You have satisfied yourself and how about me?" But dick was already spaghetti so how was I going to pull another round. She pulled me closer to her took off my shirt and gently lay me on her 1/4 bed but my dick still lay flat out. Then she gently pulled off the trousers and underwear totally and threw them to the side. I was butt naked but dick wont rise to the occasion.

She had a trick up her sleeve. Gently,she rubbed my dick, sucked it again and again and boy, she worked it. Tick tick tick the dick was ready for the game again and the brainy twin wanted to show me what she was made of. As I lay on her bed flat facing the ceiling, she jumped on top of me, legs astride over my body, kissed me around the neck caressing my tummy, slowly going down to my hard on dick.

She hungrily grabbed it and lifted herself up a bit and directed it into miss little pussy. I tell you mwana anga aine dinji iyeye. I remember my wife telling me that when they were younger, their TETE used to take them to river whenever they went kumusha on school holidays and they were instructed to strecth their matinji and chikapa.

Beche remwana ranga rakazvimbirira kunge rapombwa mweya. Matinji aro aibva aita kuti blambi inyatsonamira mukati uku kunze yakafugidzwa ne dinji. Akati koi kekutanga ini ndokusumukira kuti ndiitewo pangu, iye akati aiwa ,just lie there. Akati koi again, adjusting to a comfortable position. Neni ndakabva ndanzwa yese kunyura ichitsvedzerera. Zvino akabva atanga kukoira kunge ari kutamba kwasa kwasa kana jerusalema. Wainyatsonzwa yese kuti yanga ichirova makona ese emukati me beche. Varume, round yechi two munoziva kuti haipere.

Akatenderera, ikozvino andifuratira asi ini ndakangorara pakare iye ndokutanga kukuya. Magaro ake aitamba tamba achigumha dumbu rangu kunge arimu electronic motion in a circular way. Waitonzwa mabhonzo ake kurira mukati kurakidza kuti she meant business. 45 MINUTES handisati ndatunda asi iye akange akurakidza kuneta ndobva azonditi chitunda ini ndave bhoo.Ndakamubatisa pa study desk yake ndokubva ndarova ne kumashure, maoko pamazamu, iye achipresa magaro angu nemaoko akakombama. Ndaiita sendinovhiya mombe. Pandakatunda iye ndokuputika kuseka nekakunyarira.

Akazondiperekedza zvake kumota asi waitoona kuti aida kuti ndirareko. Ndakamupa some cash ndikati ooo wozozvitengerawo zvaunoda iye ndokuti Thank you babamukuru, you are the best. Pandakasvika kumba mukadzi wangu akabva atanga kuita malabour pains saka the next chapter will follow from there, tomorrow.WAIT FOR PART THREE.

Have u ever...?


Have you ever slept with your wife's sisters. This is the greatest experience of my sexual life as I lined them one by one, all four of them in one week. How did it all begin?My wife is the eldest of all 5 sisters. When we met she was 18 and I was 22. She had two sisters, twins, aged 16 and two others aged 14 and 12. It was the 14 year old I had always had eyes on because mwana akachekererwa se shereni iyeye but I thought I would wait till she was at least 18 or so. Ko ndaimhanyirei zvangu ini zvandanga ndatobvisa lobola. I was there to stay. The twins, well I never really looked at them until one day one of them, now aged 20,asked me to take her out ku night club.

We got ku night club and after 5 beers only she said she was drunk and wanted to go back home. I told her I was only beginning to enjoy the night but she insisted that I take her home. Just as we got outside, she pretended she couldn’t walk so she needed my support. I walked her to the car, pushed her in, skirt ndokubva yamanikwa pakati pemagaro ne seat, zviboda zviya zvese zvavapachena. Makumbo akatsvukira se Mazoe, apa ka G-string, ka thong kakanyura zvako mubeche. Hezvo paya ini ndakunyebera kuti swedera uko, swedera uko, ini zvangu ndichida kubata matinji. Pandakarigumha kudai, ndakaona iye oti haa imi babamukuru,zvaita sei. Ini ndokunyepera kunge hapana zvaitika.

Takango draiva pano nepapo zvikanzi nda preswa neweti. Ini ndokuti, buda uhwande kuseri kwemota uko. Iye aka aaah kondika repwa. Huyai mumire neni makandichengeta. Akangoenda paseri pemota, pa boot ndokuti fongo aka mira, weti ichierera nemakumbo. Zvikanzi a manje hamusi kunyara kundionera, achisekerera.Ini ndikati regandikupukute weti iyo. Madonhwe eweti eku pedzisira ndakatozo avharira mukati neshondo. Blambi yanyu yanga yamira zvakaoma zvekuti pfungwa dzangu dzakarasika. Pandakaita sendaida kupukuta weti iya, ndanga ndato vura zip kare. Iyewo angaatotasharara makumbo kuti ngaiuye zvayo. Ndakangoti ndichiti mumatinji pfee, ndikanzwa mwana akuto yuwira yuwira. Ha babamukuru, babamukuru kani.

Zvino semunhu ambenge anwira ndingatunda. Ndakamutenderedza mwana, ndokumugadzika pa boot ndokutanga kuirovera nemberi. Kamwana kaikoirira kakagara pabooty kuita sekaigaya chigayo. Takazopedzisa nekubatira papole raive pedyo kafongora zvakare.Takatundirana paya, no condom skin to skin,ndokudzoka kumota paya iko kakangotarisa pasi ini ndichingonyemwerera chinyararire. Patakasvika kumba kwangu, iye akangonorara kebedroom kwema visitor ini ndichinojoina sisi vake mumagumbezi.This was only the beginning of my sexual exploration of 5 sisters.
Hama dzangu chitaurirwa hunyimwa mbare ye gotsi, zvemusi uyu zvaikunda ngoma kurira.

Musi uyu ndainge ndisina kuenda kubasa nekuti ndanga ndakumbirwa namukoma vari kuNamibia kuti ndiyendesere mwana wavo mari nezvimwe zvekushandisa ku boarding school kwaaidzidza.

Saka ndakatomuka zvangu kuma 9 semunhu anga asiri kuenda kubasa. Ndapedza kugeza ndakangoti rega ndimhanye pa mashops kunotsvaga tumazanda nekachingwa kuti ndiite ka breakfast ke chopaz chopaz ke boyz imwe iyaiya.

Pandakati ndichingobuda paghedhi, dhuma, dhuma na Marian. Marian aigara about 4 or 5 houses kubva pandaigara,saka ndaiwanzomuona makuseni ndichienda kubasa pa ma kombi. Or dzimwe nguva pandainge ndine mota yekubasa ndaimupa lift kupinda mu town. Ndipo chete paiperera nyaya naMarian.

Saka musi uyu ndakatomubvunza kuti seyi ainge asina kuenda kubasa, akandiudza kuti akanga ari pa off kwe mazuva matatu, apa aitoenda hake pamashops kunotsvaga airtime.

Takafamba hedu tese, apa ndanga ndisina kana nyaya naye, saka ndakapedzisira ndaakumuudza kuti inini wacho ndanga ndisiri kuenda kubasa coz paive ne some family issue I needed to sort out. Iye akangoti, iri bho but akaramba achibvunzisisa kuti aimbova ma "family issues" emhando whayi aitoda kuti munhu arege kuenda kubasa. Ndakazomuudza detail rekuendesera mwana mari ne ma groceries, ku Chishawasha ( St Ignatious).

Zvinoita mashura, Marian akati kana ndisingaite mind aigona kundiperekedza, because aiti haana kana plan plus kuti aswere kumba aiti haana kuzvijaira. Akanditi dai pasina programme ye mwana aida kundiendesa ku drink. Ndakamubvunza kuti aiziva seyi kuti ndinonwa mhamba. Iye akatondiudza zvake kuti aiva ne mafayera angu jawhi nguva chete ndoyaaindishaira zvekuti akatonditi musi uyu ndaitozomutsanangurira mushe mushe kuti ndiri munhu akaita seyi.

Pekutanga ndakafunga kuti aida zvekutamba neni, asi ndakatozoona kuti anga atoita zviya zvinonzi adenha mangwiro otokunya, nekuti akatoti aizondimirira in about 30 minutes. Ndichibudawo paghedhi ndakatoona, eh eh inga mai yacho ine chivindi
chiri serious yanga yatomira paghedhi apa yakapfeka jean ranga rakati mbambamba ne zviboda zvese izvi, plus ka blouse kaanga akapfeka waitoona bra yaanga akapfeka kuzoti iwo mazamu acho, akomanaka zvimwe ngatingoonayi chete. Mafuta ne perfume yaanga azora zvaiburitsa kamwe kakunhuwirira kasina mukare akaona.

Akomana zvimwe zvinhu ngationeyi shuwa, Marian anga ari musikana wekuti kumuapproacher waitoda maguts ari serious, because anga akanaka zviya zvekuti hapana chaunoshora, plus basa rake raiva rimwe riya rekuti kuti azonyatsozvi packager mushe mushe yanga isiri problem. Mazuva ekutanga ndaingomuti sister imwe iya iya kuti ndisapindwa ne mweya wekumunyenga, but deep down ndaingoti pamwe mukana uchauya. Zvino wakachizouya mukana musvinu, pachivanhu chedu vanoti, chaza nerima hutenda auya nacho.

Takabatirana ka medium size mornach tichienda kumakombi, apa taingotaura general nyaya, dzakaita sedzepeturu iri kunetsa, mari shoma iri kutambiriswa vaseenzi, plus nyaya dzevanhu vari diaspora, nezvimwewo. Takaona Mwana zvakanaka palunch ndikamusiira goods ne mbongo yanga yabva kuna blaz ndakazomupawo ka 5 thaza, kekujuta pane gero kuti rione kunge ndiri dikez ine care.

But yakatambika ndeyekuti pandakaona kuti Marian ari kuda kuuyawo neni ndakafano bvisa 5 thaza pamari ye mupfanha, ndikaiisa paside kuti iite kunge yabva kwandiri. Mupfanha ndakamupa breakdown yetransaction yacho and akaibata fast-Semuchinda ndakatozoona kuti anetenge tsotsi worse mufana wacho because, kukasika kwaakaita kukabira hakuna kundigutsa. Ndakangoti akatora ruoko rwa bamdiki haiwa hameno nekuti bamdiki yacho yanga iri saskum order hombe chaiyo.

Pakudzoka manje musikana akashingirira nyaya yekuti aida kunditengera drink. Inini ndingati zvaizoita nyore kudayi taigona kuno dhaira kudhen iye akatoti anga asina dambudziko nazvo. Pese paiitika izvi vashe vangu mubhurugwa vanga vanzwa nekumira
nekurara nekumira nekurara, kusvikira vatombozvisvipira svipira. Akatenga 8 macan e Zambezi ne 4 Mabohlingers. Kuti ndichimubvunza kuti ko aiziva seyi kuti ndinorova Zambezi, ndakangoti ehh, charakupa denga tenda, ukabvunza zvakawanda murungu angasvibe moyo. Ndakazojutirawo kutenga ka pork kuti tonobhaizira kugagocha tichinwa hedu.

Apa manje ndanga ndaane nyota heavy, I think guys know the feeling-like kana uchiita charm musikana usually people react differently – some sweat, some vanobuda masiriri kunga imbwa iri kunetsana ne bhonzo, vamwe ndovanochinja step, vamwe vanosura-ehe- kusura chaiko, asi ini manje ndinopera mate mukanwa. Ndozvakaitika apa.

Takasvika muroom yangu, it was a very big one but yanga yakapartitionwer on one side ne wardrobe then the other side ne kitchen unit. Saka waiti uchipinda it was a makeshift kitchen, then ka lounge ke bhayiz, then kuseri kwaiva ne "bedroom". For a bachelor it was 5 star, and patakapinda I could see kuti musikana haasi kunyanyoshora hake zvaaiona.

Manje zvinhu zvese zvaiva ku "bedroom" side, Radio, TV, DVD ne VCR
Saka was struggling to take these things to the lounge side, but Marian akanditi ko ndaizvinetsereyi, since taikwanisa kungoonera kana kunzwa music kubedroom side. Iniwo ipapo ndakangoti iya mai ava vari raiti raiti shuwa shuwa here.

Anyway takanwa hedu gas, I did not know kuti she could talk and laugh like that, ende apa aiti akasekerera so mwana aibva anyanyonaka zvekuti ndaitotyira kuti akazoramba achiseka so aitozopedzisira anyangara because anga akanaka kusvika pekupedzisira. Saka kuzoramba achinakiswa nekuseka aitozonyangara chete.

Anyway, takaona hedu 1 movie, she was almost done with her fourth beer and I excused myself kuti ndicheke kanguruve kandaaa ndaisa muoven. She offered to come and assist.

Ndakamira pastove ndakaona munhu auya nechekumashure, akandimbundira ndakatarisa kumberi akaisa maoko ake just on my belly and I twitched slightly coz maoko ake akaita kunge aino dzika nechekuzasi kwebande.

Chakandivhundutsa ndechekuti ndaitya kuti zvimwe akaguma vashe vaye nekumira kwavanga vakaita pamwe aitozorowha ne buka because kumira kwakadaro kana vanwa overdose yevhukavhuka haiisvike ipapo. Ndakangoita kanervous chuckle then proceeded to check the oven, yanga yatoibvawo zvayo.

Marian akatora mahanyanisi nematimati, nemagaka andaiva ndaisa muplate pamusoro pefiriji kwaakua slicer slicer iwe. Then we went back kubedroom side. Tanga taakungo player music chete manje.

Mumwe mweya wakamboti chirega ndingotaura zvechirango kuti ndipihwe zvinhu formally, but ndakatozoona kuti uku kunenge kwaakuda kuraura hove iri muaquarium, apa muri mumba futi. Ndakajuta kumudyisa tu matimati ne magaka, ndikaona mwana achiita kusvisvina tugaka tuya zviya zviri enticising apa aiti when I get my fingers on her lips she would suck them.

Takapedza kapork kaya ndikabuda kuenda ku toilet, Apa ndaida kunobonyora kuti ndidzoke uturu hwa ushoma but ndakatora ma ice block mu firiji asingaone ndobva ndabuda. Hapana chakashanda akatonyungudika ese ndikatoona yatomira worse. Ndakati regai ndidzokere tinoona zvazvinenge zvaita. Apa ndaitya nyaya yekukasika kutunda.

Ndakasvikorara pamakumbo aMarian, musikana akatanga kundipuruzira ne chepa chest apa achivhura ma button eshirt yangu. Apa ruoko rwangu rwakanga ruchingobhaizira kukwenyezera musana ndakaisa ruoko mukati meblouse. Ndaka kochonora kawaya kanobata bra nechekumusana, ndikanzwa dairibord yamai ichisununguka, asi kwete zvekuzoti gojono. Mwana aiva nezamu kuita kunge maorange mahombe so rakanyatsotenderera ende kanyatso kacho kaiita kunge kakagadzirwa pako kega kubva kazonamirwa after zvimwe zvese.

Akaramba ongondipuruzira chest nedumbu apa shirt was off now, akanetseka kukochonora bhande, asi paakati wetsu zip akaona vashe vaya zvinhu vachitutuma tutuma vari muandaweya , vachibuda tumasiriri kumberi. I had to change my pant because of ice blocks, saka kakutoterera ketumvura tunobuda before huronyo ndiko kanga kakaita pamberi pe nduwe yangu.

Paakati zip wee ndakatombomira zvandaita kumusana kwake kuti ndinyatsoteerera kuti zvaienda nekupi. Akandikanda pamubhedha apa Trouser richiri half mast, ndokubva aribvisa, ndakapiwha imwe deep deep kiss yandisati ndamboona, akadzika nemi hama dzangu akandiyamwa tu mazamu twangu ende iyo mboro ine manyemwe, aiti akandiruma tunyatso twangu so yobva yati vhi vhi, akasiya izvozvo kwaakudzika ne chepadumbu ari ma kiss kupera, haiwa akazoti trouser nepant yacho kawhani svaku, ndokubva vashe vaye vatorwa kwaakunzi vese mukanwa mvoooo, ipapo ndakange zvino ndaa kungobwaira bwaira kunge kamwana kabatikidzwa kachiba shuga.

Munhu anoyamwa mboro iyeye, yakasvetwa ikananzvwa, ikaitwa kunge chiiko handichaziva. Akazoikwiza, akaibonyora kusvika ndatunda.

Ndakazoti munhu haadi kujaidzwa, pese apa aiva achiri akapfeka ndini chete ndaiva ndasara ndiri musvo. Ndakamubvisa ka top kaye pamwe nebra randaa ndakochonora tuwaya paya, We stood up ndobva ndavhura zip yejean rake mbijana mbijana, kwaakubvisa jean pamwe ne kaG String, apa mahips acho baba nekuzoti zviboda zvacho pazvinouya ne chekumberi uku, kuzoti Burkina Fasso, akomana mwana anga akavakwa zvimwe ndezvimwe.

Ndakamutakura ndokumuradza pamubhedha apa aingoti uhhh ohhhh uhhh arrggggghhhh, ndakamuradzika akatarira mudenga ndikati chaa kwenyu amai, zviya zvekunzi, haa hanzi beche kasmero kuita seyi, ndakananzva beche sebeche, apa anga achiti nyakata kudhara, ndaiita zvekutopinza rurimi mukatikati chaimo, ipapo ndipo payi wayinira kupfuura zvisikana zvinotamba pamaVideo a Sean Paul. Ndakayamwa gambi ndigoyamwa apa maoko ari busy kupurizira mazamu.

Ndakazonzwa aakuti " shaaaaa, do it now, please, please". Ndikati unonyeba haikona ndiwe wandiyamba, ndakambo mufinger kwe a minute or so ndokubva ati ndimbomupa ne Burkina Fasso. Mwana akafongora munoziva gambi kuuya kumusoro kuita kunge paya pane Ka LNB kesatellite dish. Ini ndikati ndouya amai, kunoiti pfe mwana akadzvova kunge mombe yadzipwa ne joki, ndikafunga kuti ndacommita murder pano. Ndakazonzwa, futi oti "Eish dear you are so hard". Ndikati hoo uchataaura chirungu chese nhasi, naro gambi, apa nekutunda kwandanga ndamboita I knew kuti ndinombo chovha chete.

Ndakamborova neshure kwe about 6 or so minutes, ndokubva auya pamusoro, akomanaka, mwana akandikoyira zvekukoyira zviya ndikanzwa achinja speed yaaikoira nayo aaakunyatso ndidzvanya manje, apa ndaipuruzira mazamu nekumubatsira kusumudzira ndakabata magaro ake.

Ndakaona zvino obhenda achikotamira towards kwandiri and she gave me imwe kiss se iya iya ndikaona eh he mai vaa kugwinha gwinha kunge munhu adirwa mura yabva mufiriji. Ndokuzoona aizve maziso apinduka pinduka, munhu kwaakuti fototo akadaro.

Ini manje yangu yanga ichingori banga chete, ndakati rega timupe time aite recover. Zvakatora nguva here in about 30 minutes ndiye anga atanga futi kutamba nayo. Ndakada kuti ndikwire pamusoro pake akati ndimbomira
maybe anga asati anyatsosvika futi pari bho. Ndakambomu massager akarara nedumbu ndokuzomusandura ndaakutamba hangu ne kabinzi ndikaona achivhura makumbo mbijana mbijana ega. Ndopandakaenda pa musoro.

Ndakambotamba hangu ndichimukissa ne nekuyamwa mazamu apa mboro
ichingotsvanzvadzira pamukova webeche, pandaigumisa aiti svvvv, svvvvvv, svvvvv arrrrghhhhh, svvvv, arrrrghhhh. Ndakazoiti bvo zvekare ndokukoira slowly ndichiburitsa almost yese ndoindonyera futi kusvikira andibata musana.

Apa ndanga ndaakungoikurungira iri mukati, iye chikapa chacho-Hameno kuti munhu anodzidzisa vanhu ava anombowanikwa kupi. Iwe unonakirwa shamaz uchipepetwa uri some few centimeters from the surface ye Bed. Mwana anokurunga iyeye. Ndakakurungwa ndikapepetwa ndikamborowha side to side, apa irimo chete. Ndanga ndamboedza zvangu kuzviholder but apa ndakatenda. Ndakambomira inini kukoira kuti ndimboona kuti ndinga
prolonge here the activity. But akandikoira wanzwa, agondikoira, agondikoira, ndakamira kudaro ndakanzwa huronyo whangu whaa kunyatsorongana kuti 1, 2, 3 get ready.

Apa ndakachizomubata magara iwayo aingunotenderera ndokubva ndamumudhonzera kwandiri zvine chisimba apaanga andibata gotsi manje, Ndakamukissa a deep long one ipapo huronyo whanga whaakubuda so ndakanzwa ndega mu pelvis area yapinda mu involuntary motion ndaakukoira zvisingadzoreke , ndikanyatsonzwa kuti yahh iye zvino ndaa kuchizonyatsotunda manje. Ndakadzvovawo zvangu but it was quite involuntary asi ndakanyatsonzwa kuti yes, uku ndokusvirana zve uku. Iyewo akauya just before I ejaculated. Ndakanzwawo ongotura befu ari wega.

Takamborara zvedu takadaro for some time, hour inogona kusvika.

Takazotanga kutaura nyaya zvedu time time, even kuti ndichitaura kuti ndaimunzwira shuga ndakatoona kuti hazvichina basa nekuti shuga yacho tanga tatoi sampler.

I realized much later kkuti makondomu aiva mu wardrobe but hapana kana akambofunga zveprotection.

Apa dzanga dzatoo kuma 8, Ndakangomusiya paghedi ndobva ndadzoka
hangu kumba.

Mangwana acho, handina kuenda kubasa.

Shamwari yemurume kunaka!!

I got married at age 20, it was more because i was pregnant and he chose me over the other pregnant girl. At that time i took it to mean he loved me and that his making the other girl pregnant was a mistake. I was yet to learn that A LEOPARD DOES NOT CHANGE ITS SPOTS.

He would pretend to be going 'visiting' his daughter with the other woman. Our kids are 6 months apart IMAGINE, mine being the older one. Surprise, HE was regularly fucking her, pretending things are not working out between him and me. She phoned zvekuda kundisvotesa telling me of their encounters, challenging me to see the love bites that she had given him. Zveshuwawo he would have a scratch pamusana, a spider mark on the neck etc. On telling him this he would brush it off and say, anonyepa iwe , I HAVE NO MORE INTEREST IN HER.

I would beleive him since he would shower me with such LYRICS as "IWE NDIWE VIRGIN RANGU, she was not saka ndingaite basa naye rei? Then he started fucking another woman, older than him this time, akamutenderedza msoro zvekuti aiti anaYvonne, do u think u have a GOLDEN Gambi ? ndakazowana ane rePLATINUM manje, rakati nganganga
rinokrenka blabi yangu kusvika yakubuda utsi.

Shamwari yangu akanditi, "kufira kuti ndakaroorwa neakandiboora saka anokoshesa virginity yangu, uchafira mahara ugoigirwa AIDS, UGOFA usina kunzwa dzimwe blambi kuti dzinospaka sei." That was my turning point, I thought of the best way to fix him MUCHINYARARIRE, his best friend Gareth, was always a shoulder to cry on paanenge asingarari kumba. Ndakafonera Gareth , akauya chopaz kumba manheru pandaiziva kuti
Irvin haambodzoke.

Ndakasvikomutambira nehug ndichinyepera kuchema.His broad shoulders enveloped me and his muscular arms wrapped me in his warmth. I felt the first stirrings of an erection as he drew me very close to him. I let his manhood nestle between my hips.
Ndakatambisa chiuono changu nemagaro kuti ndimudenhe Ginger yake. He didn't disappoint, He was instantly hard like a metal rod. Akanditarisa ndokundikisa LONG and hard!! Muchinda anonaka iyeyu, mate ake aitapira nekudziya zvaiita kuti nditi NYAKATA mubrugwa mangu.

Ndakavhura zip yake ndokumusaidzira pasofa, ndakabvisa hembe nebrugwa ndokumupfugamira. Ndakaita kunge ndoridza bhosvo, mboro yake iri mukanwa mangu.
He groaned with pleasure as i licked and sucked his cock. Akangoramba akadzvanya musoro wangu panhengo yake, ipapo anga akatsinzinya. Akazoerekana andimbanya kwakundishadaburisa makongo ose akayanikwa panze. He went down on me with his mouth. He gasped in surprise paakazvuva matinji angu kubva mukati meburi rangu.
Hama dzangu , self praise paside, Ndine chipo chematinji, akareba zvekuti ndinotoapfekera mukati mebeche buri rese rotovharika.

He pulled them out and started toying with them like a kid anhonga toy. 'Handisati ndamboona matinji akakura so!" Akangoerekana anditi pfee, zimboro rake rakanga rakati twi kunanga paburi rangu " maiwe " ndakaridza mhere! Akambondidenha naro akaridzikisa in my eternal depths , achirovera mberi mberi imomo.

Ndakazhamba zvekuburitsa misodzi, tsinga dzaungana (vasoconstriction), ndaiita kunge ndiri kunyungudika. Chokwadi Irvine, aiita heart attack dai akandiona ndichinakirwa
zvakadai, Veduwee, VAKADZI VAYE VEKUNGOSVIRWA NEMURUME ONE, CHIMBONYENGWAI NEVAKAITA SAGARETH, MUZVIONEREWO I RUN SHORT OF WORDS, shamari yemurume wangu inonaka! Iye netightness yaikonzerwa nematinji angu mukati umu akambozama kutasva hake, but zvakamukundawo!

Takatundirana (simultaneous orgasm) ini ndichizhamba "ambuuuuuuuuuuuuya"
iye nepaside achigomera " sekuuuuuuuuuuuuuru!" Tsaaaaaaa! @#$%^& tsaaaaaaaaaaa! Kutunda uku! KUITA KUNGE MUNHU ABAYIWA JEKSEN RINE methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Nyini kuti mweku mweku, kunge panyo pehuku yapedza kuita madororo!

HANDIREGE KUSVIRWA NEMUMWE MURUME, WANGU NDIYE AKANDIFUNDISA "The limits of tyrants and oppressive people are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they suppress." Che Guevera

Friday, December 11, 2009

My first ever threesum

Saka ndanga ndichidanana na…………. and nekukara sviro kwedu, he suggested that I may enjoy a 3sum. Ndakambotanga ndaita hasha kuti how can he suggest such a thing but the more porn I watched the more curious I became. The women sure looked like they were having a good time and lets face it… who can kiss or lick a girl better than a girl? He, on the other hand, was Xhosa, with a thick circumcised tool that got hard very quickly and lasted very long. Ndaiti everytime paaindikwira I would feel like a bus had run me over and left me for dead. So I finally agreed to the 3sum and began to search for the perfect girl… who I found in Soshanguve! She was young and nubile. A dancer for a big soccer team. She was quite cute but not as beautiful or sexy as I, but sexy enough to entice. So on a Sunday…….. came to pick me up for a day of love making at his house. I then got the bright idea that we should go and get this chic kuSosha and have our way with her! He was so pleased with me. He could not believe that I would do something so daring and so extreme. I had told him before that I had found someone for us but we were yet to take it further, nor had I told her the intention of my wanting to meet her with my boyfriend. We picked the girl up and started the drive home. I was already fairly tipsy with all the ciders I was drinking (trying to muster up dutch courage since I was a ‘virgin’ at this) so then we got her slightly tipsy to relax her as well.

So when we got there he put on some music for us to watch and relax to and we started to have a dancing competition… the most vulgar would win …. So she began to dance for us. I began to kiss ………………… passionately and climbed on top of him. He was getting very excited and she was just dancing away. He then whispered to me to go and kiss her. I then walked over to her and moved closer, she already knew what to do, I put my lips on hers and she did not hesitate in kissing me back so passionately, so longingly. It was my first kiss with a girl and the most beautiful kiss I have ever experienced. She was so hot and horny, I couldn’t believe it. He told us to undress (as the ringmaster) and I began to peel off her clothes. She opened her legs wide… craving for my fingers to stroke her throbbing wet pussy. I didn’t need further instructions from …….., who was now moaning and stroking his giant erect c*ck.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

In the

Ndanga ndane 4 weeks ndichidanana na Jimmy. One day we decided to go on a road trip just for the fun of it! Since we started dating we had not shagged yet we just used to kiss, make out and it ended there.

The weather was sunny and bright and it was just the perfect weather for lovebirds on a trip. I wore a short skirt (decided to entice Jimmy a I could see him staring at my thighs and I sat with my legs wide open. I guess the temptation was too strong, Jimmy started stroking my thighs with his soft hands. Hmm it felt good, ko ndanga ndane about 2 months without getting any you blame me LOL!

I quickly reached for his pants and slid the zip open. I was stroking his cock as he gently rubbed my thighs. As his hands went up my skirt he realised that I had no panties on..imi the man couldn't stop drooling we just had to stop at the next garage!!

As we walked in to the garage I told him to follow me to the restroom. Apa Garage racho nde aye ane toilet one at the

I quicky got in to the restroom and took of my skirt (ko dai mumwe munhu akapinda ah!)